Be strong, be powerful, be you. Be a #GORGOGIRL

Have you ever bought a fitness magazine, or searched online, looking for real advice only to be disappointed by unrealistic air brushed images, articles and information that are hardly useful, or more advertisements than actual content?

Are you ready to join a community of like-minded women who encourage and empower one another?

Gorgo is the go to resource for today’s Spartan woman. The woman who isn’t afraid to put her body to the test, to eat healthy not to “get skinny” but to get strong, who knows her body is capable of great things, and she believes her strength can empower her to do anything.  


Get real nutrition advice and meal plans you can actually use as a busy woman. One of the keys to eating healthy is variety and choices that you will enjoy. Our nutrition advice will help you find ways to EAT nourishing and healthy food that won’t leave you feeling starved or bored with a lack of options.

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Every issue of Gorgo has a MOVE section and a workout plan that you can use at either your gym or at home. Choose the premium membership to get day-by-day workout plans. With each issue centered on a specific theme, you are sure to find motivation to keep up with your fitness each month.

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Let us show you what is possible when a real life woman is empowered to be strong and fit. We fill our magazine with #GORGOGIRL stories you will relate to. We never touch up the images in our magazine because we believe real women are the most inspiring and the most beautiful.

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