OCT 16-18, 2020

Elizabethtown, KY, USA


Camp gOrGO is a Weekend Fitness & EMPOWERMENT Retreat For Women.


Camp GORGO 2020: the year of lighting sparks, igniting the fires, and rising up as the phoenixes that we are.



Not sort-of-kind-of support.  You need support that lifts you up, reminds you of your power, and makes you feel like you belong. Camp GORGO brings you to your tribe. We are likeminded women, who don’t try to be perfect. Instead we show our strength in our pursuit of wanting to learn more about fitness, mindset, and ourselves, and we bring women just like you along with us!


Camp gorgo is for ALL FITNESS LEVELS

Beginners that want to jump-start their fitness journey have beginner session options and feel supported the entire weekend to try new things.

Advanced level lifters discover new methods from the best trainers and are challenged to push their limits.

We come together to leave more confident - no matter if you’re new to fitness or a veteran trainer.





Train and learn from many familiar faces and experts in the field. You receive four valuable small group sessions so that you leave with new knowledge and skills. Our goal is to light your fitness fire in 2020!


You select the four sessions you are most interested in, and that best suits your level. With our small groups session set-up you get individual attention in the areas you are craving to improve upon.




We often feel alone in our interest in fitness and health.  Yet being with someone who “gets it” creates feelings of confidence and belonging.  This feeling is magnified x100 at Camp GORGO.  You may arrive knowing no one, but you leave with 100 committed supporters and the knowledge that you’ll never feel alone again.


Along with small group sessions, Camp Gorgo has many “tribe sessions”.  Here we come together for group activities to demonstrate our togetherness and strength as a tribe.  You discover a deeper sense of empowerment as you see and work with women, just like you, from around the world.  Even though our shapes, backgrounds and fitness levels vary, it’s the renewal and strengthening of our shared core values that have you thriving long after Camp.  



Camp GORGO is Oct 16-18, 2020 in Elizabethtown Kentucky

Kentucky?! But that’s so far!

Check out the travel distance and make it your intention to be part of a life changing weekend. The only regret you'll have is not making a weekend trip to meet your tribe.

And it's probably not that far from you. Most US and Canadian campers drove to Kentucky in less than a day trip!




We create an intimate, yet explosive event for a limited number of Gorgo Girls.



Friday, OCT 16

Exact Schedule TBD - starts at 8:30am


SAturday, OCT 17

Exact Schedule TBD 

GORGO Games Day!


Sunday, OCT 18

Exact Schedule TBD - done by 10:00am




From Beginner to Advanced.  From Training A to Z.

Here are this year's camp small group sessions (there will be 4 sessions).  Two months before Camp GORGO, you'll be asked to choose 4 (plus 2 alternate choices).  Besides these small group sessions, there will be several large group sessions to include the GORGO Games, zumba, piyo, yoga and mindset/journaling/meditation.  We can't wait!!!!

Here are last year's sessions so you can get an idea:

1. Warrior Workout with Erin Rhoades: At the track. Sweaty. Hard. Beastly. Fun. Totally GORGO. A great course for girls that love a challenge.

2. Functional Training with Sascha Teems: learn to build a balanced, healthy, and high performing physique Creepshow style. Sascha is an expert trainer to elite athletes with a great eye for proper body movement.  A great course for intermediate to advanced lifters.

3. Workout Programming with Mark Carroll: Learn to program your own workouts for the year.  Mark will teach incorporating barbell movements into your workouts and address why “you can target build but not spot reduce”. A great program for anyone wanting to feel confident with what to do to progress. 

4. Balance with Cassandra Spencer - Merging strength, flow and mindset: Learn yoga flows to incorporate into your lifting routine plus learn mindset techniques to step fully into your power.  A great course for anyone hungry for a more well rounded approach to fitness through mind, body, and soul.

5. Branding, Social Media and Intro to Digital Marketing with Val Solomon: Val will put you through the same branding process she does for her clients to help you pinpoint a brand design, a direction, and who your target market is; plus share current social media and digital marketing tactics that are key now in the ever changing online business world. A great course for entrepreneurs, network marketers, or anyone aspiring to build a brand online.

6. Your Career and Fitness with Erica Willick: Learn how to rock both (time management and such) & how fitness can make help you more successful in your career. A great course for the busy working woman.

7. Home Workout How-to with Danielle Tolbert:  Learn how to set up an awesome home gym, what equipment to start with, and what workouts that are as good as gym workouts. Great session for all fitness levels.

8. Running Clinic with Heather Albright: At the track. Learn how to program your training to safely train for your race, warm up techniques, strength training for runners, and experience a track workout. Great session for all interested in beginning or improving running.

9. Barbell Love - An all barbell workout with Trish Shahady and/or Christie Nix:  Love the barbell or entrigued by it?  These ladies will teach you to be comfortable with it, teach proper form, and teach you a totally GORGO barbell workout. Great session for all fitness levels.

10. Nutrition with Krista Morgan: Learn an integrative approach to nutrition with a focus on how food, relationships, spirituality, career, and movement are all related.  Learn different diet theories and how diet is very individual, how the body will heal itself if given a chance, deconstruct cravings, and more.

11. Kettlebells with Erin Rhoades: Learn how to use and get comfortable working out with kettle bells.

12. HIIT workout with Trish Shahady:  You are coming to camp to work hard and have fun; this is an awesome session sure to get you sweaty and teach you new movements and combinations.  Great session for all fitness levels.

13. Glutes Small Group Training with Krista Morgan: Learn Krista's Glute Recruit training techniques. Great session for all fitness levels.

14. Legs Small Group Training with Christie Nix: Learn Christie's favorite moves for building gorgeous strong legs. Great session for all fitness levels.

15. Back Small Group Training with Cassandra Spencer: Learn Cassandra's favorite moves for building a gorgeous strong back. Great session for all fitness levels.

16. Arms/shoulders Small Group Training with Danielle Tolbert: Learn DaniGeturGunz's favorite moves for building gorgeous strong arms. Great session for all fitness levels.



Camp GORGO is Oct 16-18, 2020 in Elizabethtown Kentucky

Camp Meet & Greet will start at 8:30am ET on Oct 16.

Camp will end around 10:00am on Oct 18


Louisville International Airport – SDF

Host Hotel:

  • Red Lion Inn 107 Buffalo Creek Drive, Elizabethtown, Kentucky - Stay at the same location as registrations, group sessions & the banquet

**Special Camp Gorgo Rate $129 if you mention ‘CAMP GORGO’
CALL 270-769-1334 before Sept 1st to reserve your room.  Ensure you say you're with Camp Gorgo.

What do I get for my Camp GORGO registration fee?

4 small group sessions you choose led by trainer/expert (valued at $300)

4 large group sessions led by trainer/expert (valued at $200)

GORGO Games with lunch provided both days (valued at $100)

Banquet with dinner provided, dance (valued at $75)

Connection and motivation with your tribe that lasts a lifetime (invaluable!)

Access to private Facebook group to connect with GORGO Girls NOW to find roommates and ask questions.

What women are saying about Camp GORGO:

"This was my 3rd year at camp and each and every year I leave I feel more confident and stronger & with a bunch of new genuine girl friends. I’ve never felt so accepted and empowered and I just love that! My first year I was very nervous and not a very confident person and I feel this tribe has really helped me grow as a person! I genuinely love and look up to you ladies and thank you for making me feel like a part of this amazing tribe! These Gorgo camp weekends really build and lift me up." ~ Jene

"I came totally alone. Flew in. Ubered in. Own room. My goal was to develop more self confidence (my biggest struggle) with my body, and work on balance (in life). Each day I connected with more ladies and found a bigger piece of myself. I've never worn a sports bra in public. Never worn black booty shorts....ever. Never cried in front of complete strangers. I've never felt "comfortable" doing any of those....which is why I made sure to embrace them all. Thank you everyone for not only being present as I stepped out of my comfort zone, but for being examples of the other side, cheering me on, and encouraging me. You probably didn't even realize you were doing that....but you were." ~ Rachel


"I can not come close to describing what it feels like. I just can't. No drama. No cattiness. No bullshit. Every body. Every ability. Every goal. But never in my life have I felt love that reverberates in the air...❤️ This is incredible." ~ Heather

"I literally can’t imagine the past four years without the support of the incredible tribe GORGO has provided me with... my summers wouldn’t be complete without loving on these ladies. Thrilled to add more gorgeous goddesses to our tribe and be reminded of this incredible support system that’s there, if & when I call upon them... because, like family, they’ve loved me thru it all. Thanks to my tribe: I love you forever & always!" ~ Chapin

"What is Camp Gorgo? It's a gathering of strong and beautiful women from all different walks of life with totally different stories. This tribe of women love, believe in, and build one another up. It's a wonderfully unique experience and I am fortunate to have been a tiny part of it this summer. My intention for camp was to be stretched- in my fitness classes, in my interactions with these women, and in my heart- and I certainly was. I perfected some fitness skills and learned a ton! I flipped tires and slung Sledge hammers! I even won a potato sack race (hello turf burn!!). I connected with fascinating women who are SO different than me but impacted me in ways I can't really put in to words." ~Erin

"This weekend was simply magical. I think there’s a sad misconception that when a bunch of women gather in one place that there will be cat fights and drama. There was ZERO. We gathered in a hurricane free of judgement, comparison, drama, and exclusion. Instead we had commitment, encouragement, love, and understanding for each other - across the board or should I say continent. (Ya Canada!)" ~Morgan

"It’s hard to put into words what a weekend at camp Gorgo does. I am exhausted, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Every year I get nervous before I go, every year I am worried that I won’t be enough. Then I get there, and I see these women and it’s as if it all melts away... the worry, the comparisons, the fear of not fitting in. I know in that moment, in the exchange, be it a smile or a hug that I am worthy that we all are and that’s what makes this weekend so special. It’s the pure acceptance, the space to just ‘be’. We are not running away from life, but learning how to live it better. To be who we are, moms, wives, friends, leaders, but most importantly dreamers!! We know that together we are stronger, which is huge because as individuals we are all already bad ass bitches! 😉 There is power in individuality but what Gorgo teaches you is that the true power lies in community in choosing your tribe." ~Virginia

"It was this tribe that helped me realize how strong and capable I really am- as a woman, a mom, and a trainer. Camp Gorgo is not just your average fitness camp! We do spend a lot of time working through different fitness modalities and learning from experts on how to incorporate new concepts in our training. We lift and sprint and condition and even leg wrestle! It fans the flame for the love and passion I have for my field. But, really, there is so much more that goes on at camp. My heart gets filled and my spirit gets lifted simply by being in the presence of these women. I wish that I could adequately express in words how these #gorgogirls have impacted my life. They have lifted me up at my very lowest and cheered for me as I peeled myself off the floor. These women believed in me and encouraged me while I put one foot in front of the other. They always believed I was strong even when I wasn’t convinced. I might not always be physically present with them but the gorgo girl spirit burns within me. They are my tribe and I am theirs. I am thankful for my time at camp this year! It was so fun to see my girls, hug their necks, and spend quality time with them. I am heading home feeling empowered to continue to impact the lives of women the same way that this tribe has impacted me!" ~Mandy

"Camp GORGO 2018. What an incredible experience! I have to say it's a bit intimidating at first...being the newbie, but these sisters are so welcoming. I have never had a girl tribe in my life. Thank you ladies for accepting me into your world. I feel blessed and cant wait to come back next year!" ~Collette

 "A recap of Camp Gorgo 2018: The year we grew into our GOLDEN SELF. We gathered among friends, new faces that became friends, and friends that feel like family, circled up in small groups voicing our intentions for the weekend. Past the workouts, and fitness classes, and into the depth of how we wanted the weekends experience to reveal itself.

We declared out loud the need to have and find a tribe, to give and receive love, to be open and vulnerable, to LEARN what we may not know we needed to hear, grow and stretch, to leave impacted.

We danced, gathered to learn about balance, nutrition, branding, and meditation. We broke out to kettle bell classes, body building sessions, glute recruit, warrior workouts, and HIIT. We played games, ran races, leg wrestled, and gave our all at tug of war.

We were inspired by the discipline of goal setting, master mind groups, and journaling.

We softened ourselves to hear the deep stuff from some of the women we admire the most. Acknowledging that self care in the form of movement, friendships, and passionate pursuits keeps US ALL successful in fighting things like depression, anxiety, the disease to please, gives our families happy and strong moms/wives, and reminds us to always dream our own big dream.

We smiled, cried, hugged, re-applied deodorant many times😫, and ended the weekend adorned in our GOLDEN SELF!✨

Before our goodbyes we ended camp dancing the night away with our tribe. Having received so much love for just two days, wiser from our openness, stronger from our sessions, and impacted in such a way words fall short of expressing what our hearts are experiencing. Knowing our lives will move forward carrying the golden gorgo energy with us wherever we are!" ~ Christie Nix

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