Top 3 #thatsogorgo Game of Thrones Finale Moments

By Erica Willick

The final episode of Game of Thrones aired this week.  As a GoT fan and a Gorgo girl, a few particular moments in the epic finale resonated with our inner queens.

While the unravelling of the badass mother of dragons Warrior Queen Daenerys could be seen as a let down to us Gorgo Girls, we know that everyone chooses her own path.  All the handsome heroes and wise friends in the world cannot choose our path for us.

The path Daenerys chose was definitely not gorgo-esque.  Empowerment is never about making the choice for someone else – no matter how ‘right’ and ‘good’ we view our perspective.


If not the Warrior Queen, then what were the top #thatsogorgo GoT finale moments?

#3 Queen of the North, Sansa Stark


We met Sansa Start as a girl who dreamed of being a princess and royalty.  Naïve, shallow, and a ‘helpless little bird’. Sansa believed that her betrothal to a prince was the fulfillment of her fairytale dreams.

Life delivered hard lessons.  Sansa’s betrothed prince was a sadist, and ‘rescue’ by men ended in manipulation and abuse.

Yet Sansa chose not to stay a victim in this story – her story – and became the Queen that liberated her people.  Not a Queen through marriage to a King but crowned in her own right, risen from the darkness and owning that darkness as forever part of her strength.

Sansa sitting on the throne in her final scene, a deep, powerful, wise and just woman.  A True Queen. #thatsogorgo

#2 Bran the Broken’s View of Failure


Before being banished to the Wall for life, Jon Snow says goodbye to his family.  Jon kneels before his brother Bran, the newly crowned King of Westeros.

Jon apologizes “Your Grace.  I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you needed me.”  Jon is referring to his failure to make it to Bran during the Night King’s attack on the living in the Winterfell godswood.

Bran, the wise all-knowing-being replies, “You were exactly where you were supposed to be.”

Knowing that our failures, especially the big ones, were exactly where we were supposed to be in those moments.  #thatsogorgo

#1 Arya Chooses to Be Who She Really Is


In the very first episode of Season 1, Bran a young boy and Arya’s younger brother, practices shooting arrows at a bullseye on a barrel (and misses repeatedly).  Bran is encouraged by the crowd of men watching to try again and given tips to improve. Meanwhile, Arya is stuck inside doing needlepoint with the other ‘young ladies’.

Arya hears the activity outside the window and sneaks out of her assigned activity.  As Bran misses another shot, Arya hits the bullseye over her brother’s shoulder.

Everyone watching laughs at the ‘cute’ scene of a sister showing up a little brother in a ‘male skill’.


And so begins the eight seasons long journey of Arya’s fight to be who she really is, and not accept to be what others want her to be, or think she ought to be.

It was far from an easy road – but in the closing scene, Arya chooses to sail West of Westeros because of the adventure it holds for her.

The peace, happiness, and freedom on Arya’s face as she pursues her truth. #thatsogorgo