Well Rounded Shoulders

Well Rounded Shoulders #gorgogirl #move

By Valerie Solomon, Editor GORGO Women's Fitness Magazine, 

I first developed shapely shoulders as a competitive swimmer in my school days. Hours and hours of shoulder rotation against the resistance of the water developed well rounded delts. Now that my love is strength training, I continue to train shoulders in mindful, well rounded, way.

2. Seated Reverse Fly

This exercise targets the rear delt primarily.  Started seated as shown.  As you bring your arms up, keep the slight bend in your arms and keep arms in line with shoulders.  Close you eyes if needed to really mentally connect with working your rear delts.

3. Plate Front Raise

This exercise targets the front delt primarily.  If the 25 pound plate is too heavy, you can hold a dumbbell.  Raise the plate up with control, focusing on using front delt, and not your back.


Make it Harder...

For an added front delt blast, try twisting the plate in the up postiton.



4. Machine Lateral Raise

This exercise targets the mid delt primarily.  This is such a simple movement, but I like it because it allows me to really focus on working mid delt and I can go heavy safely.  Try the sets twice: once with both arms at the same time, and then once single arm.


Single Arm Version:


5. Cable Reverse Fly

This exercise targets the rear delt primarily.  This movement is similar to the seated reverse fly.  Once you mentally connect with working the posterior delt, you can work it with many machines and movements.  Here you see the cables are crossed.  Start with arms in the down position like you are hugging a barrel.  Bring arms up as shown keeping the slight bend in elbows.


6. Cable Front Raise

This exercise targets the front delt primarily and is the same movement as the plate raise.  Stabolize the rest of your body as you pull up to target front delts.


Author: Valerie is the Editor of GORGO Women's Fitness Magazine and is Busy Mom Gets Fit. Valerie is the mother of four boys. She has a passion for empowering women and a deep, burning desire to better herself and the world through health.
Photography by: Gustavo Alfaro Photography
MUA by: Brandi Kembro
Model: Amy Evert