Renegade Circuit: Challenge Your Inner Athlete

This full body circuit will speak to your inner athlete.  Lifting for strength with big body movements combined with heart pumping bursts will make you dig deep like you know you love.  Push through, GORGO girl.  Endorphins, muscles, and confidence await.

Notes fro GORGO trainer Trish Shadady

All you need for this circuit is a bar.  Prop the end of the bar in a big weight, or if you are lucky enough to have access to a renegade attachment, use that to hold the bar securely in place.

Complete the 4 exercises circuit style, one after the other, with little to no rest between.

Aim to complete 3-5 rounds of the entire circuit depending on your fitness level. 


1 lap around each direction. 

Try adding 10 or 25 pound plates for challenge.

Pay attention the how the lunge is working your glutes and legs.  Try smaller steps, larger steps, and stepping with your feet at and angle.  Try angling your body slightly also.  The goal is to get a good feel in your glutes.


8-12 repetitions depending on how much weight you have added to the bar.

Squat low with good form, keeping your back straight.  Stand and then press the bar up.


8-12 repetitions on each side depending on how much weight you have added to the bar.

Bend over as shown keeping your back straight.  Grab the bar and row up being sure to feel your lats stretch down in the down position and squeeze in the up position.


40 repetitions.  Move quick and be sure to keep your back straight and glutes down

By Trish Shahady
Photography by: Gustavo Alfaro Photography
Models: Jona Armstrong MUA by: Isidro Valencia