A GORGO Perspective on Breast Implants


You train hard. You’ve lost weight. You’ve transformed your body through persistence and consistency. Yet one thing won’t change regardless of your efforts. Your BOOBS!!

You do your push ups and bench press. You’ve found a new bra. These will help some, but the honest truth is surgery will be the only way to make a significant change.

With the GORGO movement of self-acceptance it seems the thought of plastic surgery sends a mixed messaged. How vain and selfish to desire fuller, firmer, and if you’re a mother, pre-children breasts??!! Should I just make myself happy and see that I am enough as is? I love my biceps…why don’t I love my visible little pecs?!! These are common thoughts boobie-dissatisfied women have. The thoughts are valid… and real… and sometimes tugging at our moral fiber, but we believe there is more to the story, so to speak.

At GORGO, we believe in doing what will make YOU happy. You. If you are working hard in the gym, eating to support those goals, and find yourself still unhappy with your chest, maybe it is okay for you to consider an augmentation. Sometimes the desire for the breast we used to have or the breast we never had, nobody else can really understand. Look deep into yourself and ask why you want them. Often a little augmentation can uplift your confidence too.

Some common questions a GORGO Girl might have when considered breasts implants:

Will I still be able to train chest? (bench, push ups, flys, etc.)

Yes!! Some plastic surgeons will recommend that you don’t, so do your research and ask questions. Generally after rest and recovery, you will be released to train how you desire, with caution of course.

How long after surgery until I can work out again?

At least 6 weeks before you do any upper body lifting. Once you are recovered from surgery you can ease your way into lower body workouts. But plan on at least 2 solid weeks of rest.

Under the muscle or over?

Under the muscle is probably the most common, especially in lean women. It will create a more natural look and help with lifting everything if that is an issue (where are the moms at)? Your surgeon will suggest what is best when it comes to placement for you.

GORGO believes that fit, beautiful, and confident comes in all shapes and sizes. Being a confident woman is only something you can create for yourself. Just like not all will understand your passion for lifting heavy or running fast, not all will understand something as serious as plastic surgery.

No matter your personal reasons for considering such an option (more curvy look or a mommy makeover) we believe in feeling your best in all aspects of life. Just like your training, make the decision for you and not anyone else.