4 Tips for Getting Started with Better Nutrition

By Stephanie Mackid-Laurendeau

Want to make a healthy change but unsure where to even begin?  These 4 tips can help!



If you don't have access to junk, you won't eat junk!!! Get into that pantry, freezer and fridge and PURGE all the unhealthy food!! Candy, baking goods, sugar filled cereals, pop, prepared dressings, boxed snacks, tv dinners, ice cream, cake, donuts, ....you get where I'm going with this...get RID of it! If your family isn't on board with your goals, at least move these items to an area of the house where you won't see it and be tempted. Over time, your willpower will improve (I still had the leftover candy from last year’s halloween in the pantry this year, not a piece was touched ;) Out of sight, out of mind...well, at least it helps ;)


Stock up on fruits & veggies, lean meats, low fat dairy and whole grains. If you ALWAYS have something healthy available to eat, you're ahead of the game! Make healthy living inevitable!


Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 6.53.46 PM.png

When you are starting out, don't get all caught up on calories and macros, ESPECIALLY if you don't have a VERY specific goal. Instead, use the chart below when you are planning your meals to keep your portion sizes in check. Fill half your plate with low carb veggies, a third of your plate with lean meats, and add a serving of fat, and you're good to go.

This is a chart showing you how to judge your serving sizes with a tool you will always have with you....your hands :) Looking at this chart, you can see first hand how HUGE the serving sizes are when you are eating out at restaurants!!


Having healthy options ready to go is key in staying on track. I usually pick Sunday and Wednesday to cook a few things in bulk to have on hand. You can do ALL your food prep on Sunday and freeze, or you'll have to pick two days, so that food doesn't go bad before you eat it. Here is what my meal prep looks like (you will have to plan something based on foods you like..keep in mind you will only stick to this lifestyle if you are eating things you enjoy) I always make my veggies fresh, as I don't like the taste when they've been sitting in the fridge for days.


a. One full baking sheet of Chicken Breast...(I mix up the spices weekly to keep the tastes interesting)
b. Ground Turkey or Turkey MeatBalls
c. Healthy Brownies
d. Healthy chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
e. Baked Sweet Potatoes
f. Brown Rice
g. Breakfast Frittata
h. Homemade Protein Bars
i. Protein Pancakes (these can be made in advance and frozen...pop them in the toaster when you need a quick, high protein snack.


These recipes are available on Stephanie's blog www.operation-lean.com