#GORGOgirl Life: Melissa CLARK

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I always thought I had a path. However, my life didn't go the way I planned... but that was OK. The course of events in my life brought me to where I am today, allowing me to learn life lessons through various personal and professional experiences and avenues. 

I spent many years, working full-time in male-dominated industries and I continue to do so today. I work full-time in marketing and love my position as well as the organization that I represent. I've always had other passions as well. 

I started my first business, The Wholistic Package, in 2014. Because my business was exclusively focused on Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) at the time, I chose a name that represented mind, body and spirit and the concept of wholeness. It also represented people as being “the whole package;” emotionally, physically and spiritually complete. I am a certified Reiki Practitioner. Reiki is a Japanese healing art, focusing on balancing energy flow to reduce negative energy and toxins and promote positive energy flow. Reiki promotes healing, reduces stress and anxiety and has a multitude of benefits. I believe through energy work and healing, that balance can be restored for the overall well-being of the mind, body and spirit.

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I've also always been a writer.  In my thirties, I strove to take my writing to a new level. My next step was writing a book, which I decided would be a children's book. The book is called Little Lucky Ladybug. It includes activity pages because I wanted it to be interactive for kids, to not only encourage literacy, but to offer additional learning tools as well.  The book is for ages three through seven. Its message is to emphasize that we are all unique and individual. I believe that teaching kids this positive message is valuable in many ways, including building self-esteem. The book was listed on PACER's website, a national anti-bullying organization.

This is not just a life lesson for ages three through seven, but for people of all ages. It's important to remember throughout our lifetimes, that we are all unique in our own way and we all have special characteristics. Our flaws are what make us who we are as well; we are perfectly imperfect. However, the book highlights the strengths of each character. I have always had a passion for writing and helping others, and this book provided the opportunity for me to do both.

Whether it be through blogs, magazines or books, the goal of my writing is to share an inspirational, encouraging and empowering message. I use my words and books to have a positive impact. They are a tool to affect at least one person in a positive way.

Whether I inspire one person to follow their writing passions, or to help them acknowledge that they are capable of accomplishing their goals, both are gratifying for me and are the reasons why I write. We are fortunate to live in a time where you can reach a large audience, at the touch of a button. I was simply a young girl, doodling in my journals... and now, I'm a published author!

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From the time I started my first business,  I discovered many things that I'm passionate about, and my focus changed.  I was enlightened during this time, when I began connecting with so many intriguing women in my community and globally. I began seeing how the world was shifting for businesswomen, and how women were becoming entrepreneurs and empowering each other. While I'm still passionate about wellness, I realized I wanted to work with women, to promote their businesses and inspirational stories. I first began a television show, interviewing local women in my community. As I realized I wanted to be able to feature women globally, I decided to create a podcast. I soon created my business name and brand, The She Shift, based on the evolution occurring for businesswomen.

The She Shift offers social media marketing packages for female entrepreneurs, businesswomen promoting a corporate workplace, women who have an organization, or inspiring story. The She Shift also offers empowering books, and inspirational apparel. My inspirational apparel evolved from my love of fitness and feeling mentally and physically empowered, when wearing apparel, with motivating phrases on the clothing. I decided to create my own line of apparel, to empower women. My next book, coming out soon, is modeled after my business, The She Shift, and that will be the book title. The book is about how there is a shift in the world, with women in the workplace, female entrepreneurs and women empowering women. The book also includes individual stories from dynamic, inspiring women.  In addition to my products and services, I work with youth as well as entrepreneurs, to mentor and inspire them. I've also recently been featured in several podcasts and publications.

I don't think I imagined what I am doing today, but am joyful at how things flourished. As a full-time employee and woman in my own business, I am enjoying the journey, learning each day, balancing all facets and trying to inspire others to know that they can achieve as well.