Are you a GORGO Girl? History of Spartan Women

Are you a GORGO Girl? History of Spartan Women #gorgogirl

By Chivon John,


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Named after the infamous Spartan Queen Gorgo, a GORGO Girl epitomizes the strength, athleticism and grace of the women of her age. She is the quintessential definition of what it means to be an everyday warrior – one that is intelligent, confident and determined to make her mark in the world.

Historically, Spartan women defied the boundaries of their era. While her Athenian counterparts were denied the rights to be educated, publicly share their views, and participate in athletics, the women of Sparta trained along side men, reigned as Queens and possessed power and influence.

Spartan women recognized the importance of their role in society as noted by Queen Gorgo’s most notable answer to the question "Why are Spartan women the only ones who can rule men?" to which she replied: "Because we are also the only ones who give birth to men."

The legacy of Queen Gorgo and the Spartan women gives a voice to the everyday woman who desires to make her presence known beyond being an object of desire. Gorgo is a symbol for women who seek to empower others through her words and actions and strengthen their bodies because it is an expression of love for themselves.


"Being a military spouse, mom of a toddler, and an athlete, I felt compelled to read The Warrior Ethos. It was issued to my husband before this deployment. In the book the author, Steven Pressfield, dedicated the first two chapters solely to the Spartan Women. Isn’t that awesome? A book that’s about men and war, but has the first two chapters dedicated to the mothers and wives of the Spartan 300. The first two chapters talked about how the King picked the "300". He picked them based on their wives/mothers. "But the king didn’t pick his 300 champions for that quality. He picked them instead, he says, for the courage of their women. He chose these specific warriors for the strength of their wives and mothers to bear up under their loss." This speaks loudly to me because being not only a military spouse, but a woman in the fitness industry you have to be tough. It takes a Spartan Man to be with a Spartan Woman."



A GORGO GIRL doesn't have to sacrifice her feminine energy to be strong.

As women, we wear many hats. We are mothers, sisters, friends, career women, providers and dream chasers. A GORGO girl recognizes that her power lies not in trying to compete with other women or trying to be like men to get ahead in life. She will succeed because she believes in herself and can do it while still being true to her personality.

Notice how the GORGO logo shows the Spartan woman in a skirt? It’s a nod to the strength of this timeless warrior whose femininity and courage shines through her fearless strength.

From the boardroom to the battlefield, a GORGO girl does not hide her gifts. She shares them with the world and does it in a bold way. Be you and allow your light to show up in everything that you do.

A GORGO GIRL affirms the love she has for her body.

Spartans believed that the stronger the mother, the stronger her heirs. Spartan women not only exercised but they took pride in their physiques and often took part in athletic events. GORGO girls recognize the beauty of our bodies and train to be healthy and strong as an expression of love for ourselves. We love and are proud of our bodies not only for how they look, but also for what they can do. We count our blessings before our blemishes. We love ourselves through each stage of our journey and know that we are enough. 

A GORGO GIRL makes her mark on the world.

If you’ve heard the phrase "well behaved women seldom make history", Spartan women were no exception. At a time when women were not permitted to even set foot into Olympia stadium during ancient times, did you know that Spartan princess Cynisca was the first woman in history to win at the Olympic Games in 396 BC and then again in 392 BC? Her win opened the doors for other women to compete and is a modern day affirmation that GORGO girls don’t wait for permission to make their mark. She takes confident action that has the power to inspire others. She trains not just for herself but also to inspire excellence in others.

The timeless lessons of Queen Gorgo and women of the Spartan era demonstrate that there is a GORGO Girl within all of us.

She is strong, empowered, and courageous. She takes action and showers herself with a fierce and powerful love. Your GORGO girl is within you, and it’s time that you let her out and shine.

References:  Blundell, Sue. Women in Ancient Greece. British Museum Press, London, 1995.

Author: Chivon John is a Wellness Coach, Speaker, Consultant and Writer.  You can connect with her here.

Photography by Gustavo Alfaro