Who the Hell Asked For Your Opinion?: Social Media Girl Lashes Back

By the Hilarious K Liv., 

Warning: This column is intended for smile exercise and laugh therapy only.  Sure, we love rocking the fitness scene and take our mission of empowerment seriously.  But in fitness, as in life, it's best to not take yourself too seriously...there is too much fun to be had in life.  xo

Being a mediocre writer with a small following of disturbed people famous writer with many fans on social media, it’s quite common for me to see a lot of comments on a blog post, status update, or photo. People are entitled to their own opinion; they have a right to speak what is on their mind and participate in a conversation or debate. I get that. Especially since fitness can often be a controversial topic.

Some people, however, are just plain stupid.

It is in our constitutional rights to freely express our opinion, but some people just have verbal diarrhea. Their inner thoughts spew out of their mouth without thinking. Comments like “Oh my God, you look exhausted!” or “Rough night last night?”- I never quite understand how someone can be that insensitive, but perhaps their brain can’t communicate “you sound like a douche” fast enough with their mouths. So, I give them the benefit of the doubt. Then there are those with Irritable Typing Syndrome who look at a photo/post/status, think of what they want to say, type it, look at it, edit it, hit send, and choose to leave their comment. That’s effort! These are the people that often comment with rude, offensive, sexist, even racist remarks- on a Facebook page of someone they don’t even know.

In the fitness industry, there are varying ideals of what constitutes “fit”. Fit can be a marathon runner, a body builder, a cyclist, wrestler, or that cute old woman down the street who goes for walks to the grocery store. And in the age where sharing is everywhere, there will most likely be some things you see that you don’t like, agree with, or understand. Will society one day see muscles on females as hard work? Dedication? Beauty? Dare I say... normal?

I find it incomprehensible that people choose to leave negative or mean comments on photos, blogs, or status updates when it is just unnecessary. News flash: YOU CONTROL WHAT YOU SEE. If you don’t like the photo, hide it. If you are offended by the status, ignore it. If you don’t like that a woman is lifting a dumbbell that is heavier than a tube of lipstick (yet probably the same weight as the purse that you carry around all day), then unfollow her. And finally, if you have a stick up your ass, then kindly remove it.

If you do choose to comment, kindly disregard from using any of these commonly overused (and very offensive) sayings: “Women with muscles are gross,” “I mean, I don’t think she looks good, but to each their own,” “You look like a man,” “EW- that is not a REAL woman,” “You should get implants,” any backhanded compliment such as “You looked better in the other photo,” or “You look great... for a woman your age”, or in general, any shitty, passive aggressive comment that you would NEVER say to someone in real life.

When you follow a fitness page, please refrain from listing off the eight bazillion reasons as to why you are too busy to work out but “good for me for finding the time.” I’m certain that you could have run 3 miles by the time you commented on my photograph, but I won’t call you out on it. When I post a recipe, you are free to use it if you would like. I don’t need to hear “this would be way healthier if you substituted ____ for _____ and ____ for _____ oh and don’t forget ____, and you definitely shouldn’t be eating ______.” Recognize that I run my website and social media without payment and when you verbalize that my free workouts, recipes, and fitness tips are not geared towards you or good enough, you come off as rude. And no, I will not train you 1-on-1 in my spare time when you angrily suggest that I do and blame me for not seeing results.

To summarize, if you like something, feel free to comment. If you are confused or disagree with something, comment in an appropriate manner. Even if someone is willingly posting photos online, social media is not a haven for you to be mean, rude, or a know-it-all.

And finally, please direct any and all words of praise and admiration of this article to my Facebook page, website, Instagram, Twitter...

Author:  K. Liv. is  a hilarious and sarcastic fitness voice. She is a Phys Ed teacher, fitness and yoga instructor, and a lover of all things fitness and fashion.

Photography by Liana Louzon

MUA by Brittany Wielgosz