GORGO Girl Life - Jill Lottman

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Now... Meet Jill!

My fitness life:  

I have always been a runner. I have completed 9 marathons and several half marathons. When my babies became too big for the triple stroller, I started lifting. We live in a rural area, so the closest gym is the actual high school gym. Very often, my workouts are done along side the basketball team or a lifting class.  It's fun to see what the high school kids can lift compared to me. I love the sense of freedom and the "runner’s high" I get from running, but I also love how powerful I feel when I lift!

My Family Life:

I have 4 kids to keep me busy outside of the gym. I have a 16, 6 and twin 4 year olds.  All girls. I am an autism mom (lifting helps keep me sane for this role). We have 3 horses, a dog, bunnies and several farm cats. My husbands owns portable concrete plants, laser screeds and telebelts, and that keep me busy with paperwork.  

I'M Passionate about:

I love to ride horses and am enjoying teaching my little girls to ride too. Currently, I am helping my dad put together a 4 horse team of Clydesdales for show.  It's fun and exciting!  

What I love about GORGO:

What I love most about Gorgo, is how empowering and inspiring it is for all women!  Living in a very rural area, I don't have access to a lot of fitness resources. I love having a place to look for inspiration, tips/tricks, nutrition and to hear stories from other women like me.   I love knowing that I'm not alone on this fitness journey. This year will be my first time at Camp Gorgo. I can't wait!  I am ready to connect with other women who share a passion for fitness with me. I am excited to see what I will learn and ready to dive into a weekend of fun, friends and fitness.