10 Simple Kitchen Swaps to Live Deliciously Healthy

By Kelly Keltner  naturallynourishedkid.com

#1. Swap out sugary cereal for homemade granola cereal.

Banish cereal boxes from your kitchen- most commercial ones provide nothing but sugar, refined flour, and additive. Set yourself up to conquer the day with fiber-packed and naturally sweetened (try cranberries or raisins) homemade granola cereal made with rolled oats.


#2. Replace white refined carbs with whole wheat.

Skip white rice, flour, bread and pasta. For these kitchen staples, reach for whole wheat. It is not stripped of it’s fiber and is less processed. The lower glycemic index of whole wheat will keep your blood sugar and energy levels steady while keeping you full till the next meal.

#3.  Zoodles!

If you are ready to kick all wheat products, you will love zoodles in place of pasta noodles. One of the biggest recent food trends, spiralized zucchini noodles are super satisfying and surprisingly very close to the consistency of regular pasta. Pro tip- spiralize your zucchini a day ahead and store in a container in the fridge with a sheet of paper towel. The zoodles will be less wet, more firm and 100% delicious. You won’t even miss real pasta!


#4. Cauliflower Rice

Another great whole food replacement for cutting carbs such as rice is cauliflower rice. It takes less time to prepare cauli rice than traditional steamed rice. Cauliflower is a great source of folate and a range of essential vitamins.  Try the 5-minute Cauli Fried Rice recipe below!


#5. Kale Chips

Potato chips are salty, crispy and addictive. So are kale chips- and you can make it right at home! Once you get a taste of them, you will want to make a weekly batch for snacking on demand. Olive oil and some pink salt are all the ingredients you need to enjoy some chips free of saturated fat, sodium and preservatives.


#6. Hummus

Don’t sabotage your fresh veggies by dipping them in ranch dressing. It’s full of unhealthy fat and calories. Try hummus instead. The protein will keep you satiated. If store bought, look for containers with a short ingredient list.

#7. Infused Water

If you crave flavored drinks such as soda and dislike plain water, try this: infuse chilled water with fresh lemon and mint. If you like fruity flavors, try strawberries and lime. Kiwi and pineapple. Combinations are endless.


#8. Cut Back on Dairy

More and more research is showing that reducing dairy consumption will lead to a mirage of health benefits including less inflammation and quick weight loss. Replace cows milk with almond milk for your cereal or coffee. The naturally sweet and nutty flavor of almond milk is delicious yet light.

#9. Think Green


The next time that you are enjoying a lunch out but want to avoid excessive carbs and that post-meal slump, ask your server to replace your sandwich bread or wrap with lettuce leaves. You will save calories and feel light and energized.

#10. Avocado Swap

Speaking of sandwiches, leave out the mayonnaise and try mashed avocado instead. The creamy and fatty taste of avocado mimic mayo but without the added salt and calories. Slice up some fresh avocado, place in a bowl with a bit of salt and pepper and squeeze of lemon juice. Mash with a fork and spread on sandwiches or wraps.

Bonus Swap #11

For a delicious homemade treat, blend a frozen banana with ½ cup of almond milk, 2 tablespoons of natural peanut butter and ¼ cup of cacao powder. No need to run out for sugar filled milkshakes! Choose antioxidant-rich cacao instead of cocoa, which is heavily processed.