Better Mindset: The Key to the Body You Want

By Jen Nohra

As the new year starts, I have so many beautiful humans ask me for support.  So many people are looking for change. This year already feels like it’s going to be a year of self discovery, self growth & inner healing that all falls into one meshed project. For me, this is the year of building better minds that in turn, create the body.


I as a coach, I feel there are so many more layers to creating the body you want than just going to the gym.  Changing your body isn’t the biggest challenge; changing your mindset is. Your mindset is the biggest tool to changing anything. I can sit down and write diet/training plans, I can train and push all that come to see me, but as soon as anyone leaves me, that’s where it really starts.

What I love the most about what I do is to see my clients grow into themselves and their bodies. It goes beyond just pushing the weights. The first most important step to getting what you want, is to love yourself fully… on the inside. The connection between the mind, the physical, and the emotional is all combined to heal parts that keep us from moving forward. We as humans can’t keep masking pain by wanting to look good, or wanting to be seen externally. As soon as we identify what needs attention internally, our physical presence becomes easier to love.  

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Love yourself enough to keep nurturing yourself

  • Be kind and gentle to yourself

  • Take care of your body by internal connection

  • Be willing to keep going

  • Be around others that support your goals

  • Be persistent; you deserve to be happy

  • Create positive thoughts


Over the years, I’ve learnt the hard way. I competed for the wrong reasons. I self sabotaged anything good that came to me. I didn’t see what I really was because of a belief system and mindset that really didn’t belong to me. These blockages didn’t allow me to see a clearer vision and kept me from moving forward. But I’ve lived and learned.  I feel the experiences I’ve had in the health and fitness world have brought me to a deeper, stronger connection to myself.  I am no longer hiding behind my body. I am embracing all my colors, and I’m using them to hopefully make a difference somehow in this world.  I’ve learned that we all need love, and loving yourself, ultimately as you are in your own skin, will open doors that you thought wouldn’t be possible. This mindset is the key to ultimately getting the body you want.

By Jen Nohra

By Jen Nohra