Fit Inside and Out: Talking Inspiration with Yajaira Bogue


By Jill Hardy


Bikini competitor Yajaira Bogue is no stranger to the fit life; as a child she loved the outdoors and was active, especially during her middle school years, when she played volleyball.

But in 2002 she was introduced to the gym by a friend, and a new passion developed.

After first becoming a daily routine for several years, Yajaira’s bodybuilding took on a new dimension when she decided to compete.

“I got inspired, with their help, to do my first show—in Frankfort, KY. I was very blessed and happy to win 1st place in Novice and 3rd place in Masters in Bikini.”
“In 2014 I won 1st place in my division, in Masters.”


When asked about her view of what makes a woman a “GORGO girl”, Yajaira points to the power of women to motivate each other.

“From what I see and believe, GORGO is about inspiring women,” Yajaira says. “Inspiring each other, especially on our fitness journeys, no matter how little or big our goals are.”

Yajaira hopes to translate her passion for fitness into working as a personal trainer, eventually, and tries to encourage others as much as she can in the meantime.

“I love to help anyone that asks me about fitness—but I’m not an expert yet!” She laughs. “But I help if I can. Many young girls ask if I compete and I always say to them I’m here if you need me or have a question I can answer, I’ll help.”

Yajaira’s biggest role model for the type of work ethic and strength required for the fit life—and life in general—isn’t a fellow bodybuilder or celebrity athlete, however…it’s someone a little closer to home.

“My inspiration for life is my hard working mom,” Yajaira says. “She’s a strong woman, and I think I am too.”


“My family—sisters and nieces—always tell me I’m their inspiration, and it feels good, the fact that I can help them, but the truth is that they’re my inspiration and motivation as well.”

Her branch of the family also provides motivation for fitness—both by keeping her on her toes and giving her a good reason to pursue and model healthy habits.

“Having an older child out of school and a child in grade school, I definitely like to eat healthy and stay fit to be an example for my girls, as well as be able to chase my youngest, who is a ball of energy!”


Yajaira hopes that her message is one that relates that the rewards fitness brings are worth the struggle, and have benefits that go beyond the visible ones, like ripped abs, and contest titles.

“I’d really love for women to know that it’s not always going to be easy, to have the motivation to exercise and eat healthy, but we can do it, for us. It’s not always easy, but you can’t give up.”

“Fitness for me is not only about the outside, but inside as well. Body and mind.”

“Exercise helps me, inside and out.”