Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Board Inspired Workout


By Jessie Benson


Even during my strength training workouts, I like to focus on building foundational muscles that are good for paddling and balance.  The Paddle Breaks, shown below, help build power to your paddle stroke from the entire shoulder complex.  Lats and core muscles will also be engaged and the end result is maximum stroke power.  

I love to use the Bosu Ball for moves like the medicine ball slams, shown below, because the instability requires you to engage more muscles to stabilize your body, just like on the SUP.  This challenge will make your workout more intense, causing you to burn more calories and work more muscles.

Simulating being in the water during my land workouts helps better prepare myself for when I do head out on my board.  The TRX RIP trainer, shown below, is awesome for building core strength (super important when on a SUP) and develop rotational power.

I hope you find these movements fun and inspire you to get out on a SUP!

SUP Inspired Workout:

Aim for 10-15 repetitions of each movement 3-5 times through.