Remembering the Bigger Picture of Goals: IT IS ALWAYS MORE THAN SORE LEGS


By Crystal Seaver, @crystalseaver

You probably set some lofty goals at the beginning of the year, and you may already be questioning how you are going to accomplish them. And, if this sounds anything like you, I will tell you, without exact numbers, that you are not alone.

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Take me for example, an ultra runner (with muscle). And, as such, trail running consumes A LOT of my time. I mean a lot. And, then more of my time is dedicated to strength training sessions. There are days this passion takes away from family, there are days that I struggle to find enough hours to fit in two training sessions, there are days that I wonder just what I am doing, and there are even days that my passions fill me with guilt. At these times – this is what I think of: my goals are BIG, I deserve to and will meet them and I know it is always so much more than sore legs. With that, I get out there and do what I do.

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Life happens. It is amazing and it is busy (cue the circus act full of kids, work, house chores, family, and every other to do). It requires balance, teamwork and dare I say it, a little bit of selfish-like tendencies. So, in the midst of questioning, if I can give you a reason to do what you do (and, to do it guilt free) – to lift weights, to get into the twistiest yoga pose, to run endless miles, or to just move to be fit– it’s that you must remember the eyes that are watching. Not the critical eyes, not the eyes of your peers, not even your own eyes. But, the eyes of littlest ones. The ones who are bright-eyed, soaking it all in, and are learning that. . .


MUSCLES [not tiaras] make the BEST ACCESSORIES




Use their spirit and wonder as inspiration. Use your sweat sessions to glamorize values of confidence, determination and hard work. Give and show reminders that nothing in life comes easy, but that you can push through the obstacles to achieve goals and make a mark in the world. By living and sharing your passion, you are sending a powerful message.

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Keep working towards life this year. Do not neglect yourself. Train hard. Live your passion. Rid yourself of guilt. You will see the genuine happiness. You will see the great things you do make an impact. The little ones will grow up believing they can accomplish anything, they will become dedicated and motivated, and they will be a little bit more.

Ego aside, thank yourself for the lofty goals, put fear and guilt behind you and when you wonder how you are going to accomplish your intentions, remember the ones who are counting on you. Remember, I told you something already, it’s ALWAYS more than sore legs.