The Barbell Project #gorgogirl

Inspired by Lisbeth Darsh's article "How to Change the World", we have an ongoing GORGO challenge:


"...when we put barbells in women’s hands, we change them for the better." ~Lisbeth Darsh

Will you pledge to teach one woman or girl to lift weights?

1. How do I take part?  Share this image on social media tagging us and letting the world know that you believe in the movement and accept the challenge to teach at least one woman or girl to strength train.

GORGO Instagram - @gorgomag

GORGO Facebook - GORGO Women's Fitness Magazine

GORGO Twitter - @gorgomag

2. Challenge your fitness friends to take part by tagging them too in your post!

3. Find your girl! Let your circle of friends and family know you are looking for a willing soul to introduce to the power of the barbell.

4. Bring us along! Tag us along your journey on social media.  We want to be a part of it!  We definitely want to see a picture of you handing the barbell to our new sister in iron.  Let them tag along with you when you work out.  Introduce them to the world we love.  Show them the way.

"...that’s how you make a difference: the world changes because you change."

"Put a barbell in a woman’s hands. Put a (light) barbell in a girl’s hands. Teach them what to do with it. Teach them how strong physically and mentally and emotionally they can become.

Change the world … if you dare." ~Lisbeth Darsh


What to spread some Barbell love in a bigger way withour support?  Find out about the GORGO Barbell Project Ambassador Project here: