The Power of Femships: Finding a Modern Day Tribe


By Krista Morgan @kristamorgantraining_kmt


“. . . on the day that the intelligence and talents of women are fully honored and employed, the human community and the planet itself will benefit in ways we can only begin to imagine.”
~ Anita Diamant, The Red Tent

Female empowerment coupled with healthy lifestyle choices:  Gorgo Magazine speaks to me.  I was part of Gorgo’s conception and was featured in the magazine during its infancy.  Despite being an ideal fit, I allowed numerous excuses to keep me from taking the next step - - attending Camp Gorgo.  This year I took a leap, and I’m not looking back.  Camp Gorgo is an extension of the pioneering publication and the values it promotes in the form of an adult fitness camp.


Health and fitness professionals advocate balance.  A proper diet, exercise, recovery, and adequate rest are highly individualized but remain consistent pillars of success.  As a certified trainer, I realized new conditioning achievements this year while using this proven formula.  I gleaned further fulfillment by guiding and empowering my clients on their own fitness journeys.  Yet, a sense of emptiness persisted in such an important facet of my life, leaving me frustrated and seeking inspiration.  Fitness is my escape, my therapy, the only time I reserve just for me. Feeling unsatisfied and thirsty to connect with a community of like-minded women, created an imbalance in my life that fitness experts rarely address.  Finding balance between work, family, and fitness is a topic that has been discussed with frequency, but the need for female support systems is often neglected.  Gorgo Magazine and Camp Gorgo tackled this often overlooked imbalance by introducing thousands of women to the theme – MY TRIBE. 


Strong female relationships with individuals on similar paths of discovery can be difficult to cultivate.  Fortunately, I’ve developed friendships with a core group of inspiring fitness oriented women at my gym.  The moment we see each other we instantly become more amazing and more driven to push harder.  As much as I value these friendships, I needed to be part of something bigger. I wanted to surround myself with a modern day TRIBE of powerful goddesses.  Ancient Hebrew women would disappear into the “Red Tent” (during their times of uncleanliness) to bond and share and simply communicate with the women of their tribes.  It was their time to appreciate the beauty of feminine strength.  This was my year to disengage for a long weekend, to disappear into the proverbial “Red Tent”, to connect and potentially tie myself to a TRIBE of influential and formidable women.  


Women just UNDERSTAND.  We are chemically wired to need each other.  Female friendships, or femships, multiply our feminine power.  The moment I met my Camp Gorgo roommates, I felt emboldened.  I became a Spartan queen. Surrounded by a sea of positivity, I watched a modern day TRIBE of women encouraging each other to promote their strengths while embracing the imperfections that make each of us unique.  No one was burdened by any resentment of her power.  Gorgo magazine and Camp Gorgo epitomize the term femship -- a close relationship between strong women.


To be a GorgoGirl means you are not alone.  You belong to a movement.  You are part of a modern day TRIBE of women that applaud femships rather than focus on competition.  I look forward to unearthing the hidden depths of my potential with my TRIBE encouraging me without judgement along the way.  Share the Gorgo movement and join the TRIBE.  All of us look forward to building a powerful femship.