#GORGOGirl Life: Virginia Bain


We love featuring our everyday GORGOgirls that are inspiring us to crush life and a balanced approach to fitness. Meet Virginia Bain.


GORGO: Tell us about your fitness life, Virginia!

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I started working out seriously when I was 19. I had struggled with my weight all my life and wanted to finally lose the excess weight. What started as a weight loss goal became a life’s passion.

I became a personal trainer by age 22 and have been training or teaching others in one form or another ever since.

GORGO: Tell us about your non-fitness life!

I am a mother of two teenagers and my husband and I just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. I have worked in the oil and gas industry for the last 14 years doing sales in one capacity or another.

I love reading all things self-improvement and am a podcast junkie.

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GORGO: What do you love about GORGO?

I love how diversified, yet united GORGO is. So many women from all over North America, all levels of fitness, all ethnicities, ages etc...

yet when you’re with these women it’s as if we’re one.

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All there to support each other, to bond, to create a tribe that leaves you feeling like you are a part of something bigger of something great.


GORGO: Any fun facts, travels, hobbies you'd like to share about yourself?

I love traveling any place hot! Even though I am Canadian I do not enjoy our cold winters. My favorite places so far have been Palm Springs and Costa Rica, where we are headed this month to do some volunteer work and learn how to surf!


GORGO: Is there any things else you want to say?

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I think that it is important that woman learn to practice self-love. We spend so much time focusing on what we’d like to change instead of embracing all the amazing things our bodies and minds can do and create.

Being healthy and embracing a ‘fit’ lifestyle is more than working out and it is so much more then what you see in social media.

It’s about energy, confidence, self-love and giving. Giving to yourself and to others. The rest is just a welcomed side effect.

GORGO: Anything about Camp GORGO you want to share?

I think that Camp Gorgo is a gift that all women should experience. It truly is a life changer. You don’t need to be fit to come you just need an open heart and positive mindset.

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